Online and Onward

New Reality Like many of you, our family has had to make decisions based on the well-being and long term goals of our life in the reality of this pandemic. It began while we were in Budapest and the Greater Grace European Conference was canceled due to the rapid spreading...

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Marvel Looking back on December it is hard to believe all that was accomplished in just a few short weeks. More than once we have sat back and marveled that God could use a small team like ours to shine such a bright light of truth on this season of...

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From Smyrna to Ephesus

Making History Here we are again, in disbelief that it has been a year since our first Arvalya retreat. This year’s event was something for the history books. We were just so honored to be able to host such an incredible group of believers! The spirit of love and unity...

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Spring Brings New Life

Stirring Hearts It is hard to summarize all that God has done here in Izmir and in our lives in the past months. This newsletter will simply serve as a brief overview to hopefully stir up your hearts with God’s vision for this amazing place. We moved here last winter,...

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colors of missions - post

The Colors of Missions

A world of many colors: the colors of missions, this is what Matti Sirvio has always seen – with his eyes and with his heart. Such vision expresses itself in his work as a pastor and as a painter. Bright splashes cover the canvases Matti has addressed with his brush....

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