Moment by Moment

” I, the Lord, … water it EVERY MOMENT [emphasis mine]…”

One of the most effective provisions He gives us to be victorious in every trial is His Word, with which He waters us moment by moment. Click To Tweet

The Lord Jesus Christ is seamless in His care for us;  there is never an interruption in His Love for us,  in His care and providing for us, in His protection of us, in His Presence with us, in His Mercy following us, and on and on we could tell of His incessant occupation with us.  Isaiah 27:3 in its entirety reads: ” I, the Lord, am its [Israel, as His ‘vineyard, beloved and lovely’] Keeper;  I water it every moment;  lest any one harm it, I guard and keep it night and day.”  This promise is a great comfort as the Lord prepares us, seemingly more and more assiduously and intensely, for His coming in the Rapture to take us as His Bride.  We are watching precious Body members all over the world being tested and tried with multi-faceted troubles and tribulation – “the trial of our faith, which is … precious ….”.  But for each one of these testings and “refining pots”, we also are discovering more and more facets of the many-sided Grace of God which we had never before experienced – or needed to experience!  And one of the most effective provisions He gives us to be victorious in every trial is His Word,  with which He waters us moment by moment

” … the Word … in which You have caused me to hope.”

The Psalmist in Psalm 119:49 cries out to the Lord:  “Remember [fervently] the Word and promise to Your servant, in which You have caused me to hope.”  The writer of this Psalm had learned through severe testings that the Word of God was sufficient to cause him to triumph in every trouble, to be able to not just endure but to be “more than a conqueror” in anything that would come against him, to bring him out of all his distresses, and to also deepen His relationship with the Lord.  Reading and rereading the entire Psalm we see how desperately dependent this man was upon the Word of God, and how no matter what the trouble, the Word was enough.  Maybe – and this is just a surmising – before he was afflicted, he loved and knew the Word and promises of God yet they were not yet his conscious, moment by moment provision.  He does admit in verses 67 and 71, respectively:  “Before I was afflicted, I went astray, but now Your word do I keep [hearing, receiving, loving and obeying it].  “It is good for me that I have been afflicted, that I might learn Your statutes.”  And after poring over this instructive and revealing Psalm, we realize that this writer is indeed clinging to the Word and promise of God –  moment by moment, we could safely say.

He gives us “grace upon grace”  and new mercies moment by moment!

“It is because of the Lord’s mercy and lovingkindness that we are not consumed, because His … compassions fail not.  They are new [moment by moment, in the Hebrew text];”  (Lam.3:22,23a)  This is the same mercy that follows us without interruption throughout the length of every day, for all of our days, and assures us with the “great and abundant stability and faithfulness”  of the Lord (v.23b).  Then after mercy cleans us up, taking away the effect of our failures, we have overflowing Grace available to us (Rom.5:17):  “For out of His fullness (abundance) we have all received … one grace after another …” (John 1:16).  Through this Mercy and Grace, which are continually being extended to us, His Word is sent to heal and to deliver (Psa.107:20) in a moment of time, piercing through to our souls, separating them from our spirits so that the latter are free to let the Holy Spirit reign in our lives through the thoughts of God.  And HIS thoughts are always, moment by moment, without interruption, thoughts of peace towards us, not for one moment of evil (Jer.29:11).

“Uphold me according to Your Word, that I may live…”  (Psalm 119:116)

The One Who is above creation, Who created all things, and by Him all things consist (Col.1:17), He IS the Word of God (Rev.19:13) Who, as so many in the Old and New Testaments realized, is holding us together, giving us our next breath and heartbeat.  Indeed, He is upholding all things by the Word of His power (Heb.1:3) – moment by moment.  Is it any wonder so many of us want to invest our lives in this precious Word of God?!

“Let me not be ashamed of my hope [in Your Word]” (Psalm 119:116b)

When we are brought to the place where we are panting after Him and His Word and promises, conscious of our moment by moment need of Him, there is a sort of quiet (not panicky) desperation, and we cry out with the writer of Psalm 119, ” … let me not be ashamed of my hope” in Your promises, for really, Lord, it is YOU Who have caused me to hope in Your Word (v.49).  It is thus when we “require the Lord as our indispensable necessity” that we have been brought into moment by moment trusting and seeking Him (Psalm 105:3).  I think of Joseph,  unjustly in prison, ” … laid in chains of iron and his soul entered into the iron, until … the Word of the Lord tried and tested him.” (Psalm 105:18,19)  But then! “The king sent and loosed him … and let him go free.” (v.20) Today, in 2018, it is the same Word which heals and delivers us and sets us free, sent by the King of kings Who is same today, in Joseph’s day, and in all of our future days.

Finally, we lose consciousness of the moments because we are swimming in the River, lost in the flow of His Life.

We learn, “here a little, there a little, line upon line” to live moment by moment by Faith in His Word, filled with His Spirit until little by little it is more normal for us to be in fellowship with Him than living in the confines of the natural life.  The moments have become a flow of living waters into us and through us.  As Ezekiel 47:3-5, show us, we go from an ankle-deep life in the Word, to knee-deep, to waist-deep, till we are invited to swim in waters over our heads – i.e., surrender to Him Who is the Word, Who is Life. As we say “yes” to His invitation to come all the way in, the moments are swallowed up in the flow of living waters, and for us to live is truly Christ. We are healed, refreshed, souls are won, and everything lives wherever the River goes (v.9).

Are we willing to jump in and yield ourselves completely to Him, to His  Love, Mercy, Grace, keeping and protection?  Yes, Lord, because You have promised to keep, water, and protect us, moment by moment without the slightest interruption  in Your care.  Through You we can, and by Grace through Faith we will, swim in utter abandonment in the River.

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