More Precious than Gold

Do you realize that the very Bible you have contains the words of the Almighty God? They are words that the heavens were framed by (2), and words that will stand forever (3). We have in our possession something more precious than gold (4).We have the opportunity to write the Word of God upon our hearts (5), and to allow it to give light to our path (6). John 3:5b says that we must be born of the Word to enter the kingdom of heaven. “Except a man be born of water (the Word) and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.”

After knowing these things, what importance will we place on the Word of God today? Will we esteem it more than our necessary food (7)? Will we love it as much as the psalmist did when he said, “The law of thy mouth is better unto me than thousands of gold and silver” (Psalm 119:72)?

Christians have the privilege to store the Word of God inside of them. This word is a life-giving force (8), a saving power (9), a defensive weapon (10), and a source of hope (11). It is ours! Will we place it at the top of our priorities today? It is absolutely trustworthy and will not fail (12). The Word is God’s, the opportunity is ours.

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