More Than Feelings

When Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane, blood came through His pores as He agonized alone in prayer. On the Cross, the Lord Jesus was naked as He hung there, mocked and despised by those in the crowd who were watching. His face was disfigured and His body was scarred from the beatings. Do you think He felt love for those people? No, He did not.

Do you think He felt love for anyone at that point? No, He did not.

Do you think He felt love toward God the Father?

No, He did not feel love for God the Father.

Did He love the Father? Yes.

I fear for those who have only great feelings about their love affairs. I am not denying that feelings are involved. Of course they are. But feelings are changeable, depending on circumstances. True love, however, is a fact. It is the nature of God-it is who God is.

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