More Than Yesterday

An error of many believers is that they try to live off of past successes. The Christian life is not built upon the things of yesterday. The ruin of many is living in past failures. As each new day begins, it is time to forget those things which are behind.

A life in Christ depends solely on who Christ is in each moment of that life. Yesterday’s greatest success can become folly today. Yesterday’s biggest flop can soar with wings of victory at a touch from the Master’s hand today. His mercy and grace must be found new each day.

Certainly a foundation of learning and growth is valuable, but mountains of learning do not amount to molehills if the freshness of Christ is missing. A successful life can be measured only in terms of Christ, never in terms of accomplishment.

Were you successful yesterday? Thank God if you were. Be successful today by receiving a fresh portion from Christ. Yesterday will not do for today; it will help in your preparation for today’s experience, but it is no substitute for it. Do not allow yourself to be stagnant. Do not miss out on what Christ wants to give you today for daily bread; it is better than yesterday’s. Enlarge your coasts, and allow Christ, who has begun a good work in you, to “perform it until the day of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 1:6).

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