Mounting Up as Eagles

The eagle described in Isaiah 40:31 is a very important illustration. The eagle makes its nest in inaccessible places. It dwells in the cliffs (2). Proverbs 30:19 states that his way is in the air. It flies without effort and soars without exerting any energy at all. The eagle is the only bird that can look directly at the sun and not injure its eyes.

The application is this: God wants us to be as the eagle. He wants us to wait in the inaccessible places. He wants us to hide ourselves with Him. Then, He will enable us to mount up. We will soar effortlessly above extreme trials and difficulties. We will be faith-rest Christians who will not be anxious in our minds and emotions. This kind of believer can look straight at the Son of God and live in pure faith, soaring high and flying far above the world system. A Christian can experience this renewal when he feeds on categories of doctrine, makes decisions through God’s grace, and enjoys grace as it is revealed in His Word.

In Matthew 14:23, Jesus departed to a mountain and prayed in a solitary place. The Son Himself went to wait upon God the Father. If we really want to have abundant lives, then we must learn how to wait upon Him.

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