My Opinions Vs. God’s Mind

We must not think in terms of our opinions. When we do, we will enter into an opinionated process of thinking that is very clever. For example, some will say, “I examine everything, I prove everything, and I make sure that circumstances do not steal my heart. I do not want to lose my individuality by letting something take me over.” All of it sounds relevant because it is relevant. But, the tremendous problem is that God never gets that heart.

In fact, what they are saying is, “God, You are close to getting my heart. But, come on! I can’t be me anymore.” Many times, people who pride themselves in their intellectualism are prone to this attitude. Consequently, because they have never given their hearts to the Lord, they keep their hearts from a complete takeover by God. They magnify every distraction under the sun when the Cross begins to take over their hearts. They are afraid that Bible doctrine will take over their thinking; so, they avoid being saturated with doctrine. They don’t want their opinions and viewpoints to be taken over by God’s mind.

What they are missing, however, is the opportunity to access the authority and wisdom that God gives to men and women who have been delivered from self.

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