My Union with Christ

When I put sugar in my coffee this morning, I noticed that the sugar couldn’t be seen after it dissolved into the coffee. It blended in so completely that it wasn’t visible. The sugar entered into a union with the coffee. They were no longer separate, but one.

In the same way, we are in union with Christ’s death and burial. Everything about my life has been crucified and buried with Him. Everything my father or my grandfather may have done to me, as well as everything that was passed on to me through genetics, was transferred to Christ at Calvary. All of those things entered into union with His death and burial, out of God’s sight forever.

God offers total freedom from Adam. He offers freedom from the negative words you speak about yourself and from the bad things that have been said about you. God can change your personality, improve your moods, and expand your capacity for Him. This is because all that you were, naturally, was placed upon Christ.

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