Natural Preference Prevents Unity

Another factor which prevents unity in the body of Christ is natural preference which includes every desire that originates outside of the Word of God (1). This limits a person’s vision for God, and causes him to privately interpret the Word of God in order to complement the desires of his natural heart. Following the natural desires of the heart allows the Christian to choose a lifestyle contrary to the perfect will of God.

A believer will begin to rationalize truth with his human reason, without supporting his reasoning with a foundation of divine precepts. Natural preference always promotes self-centeredness. He can overcome this way of preserving his life by allowing the cross of Jesus Christ and the liberty of the Holy Spirit to fill him so that he can go from glory to glory (2). A believer must yield to the divine guidance of the Bible and to the absolute will that God has for his life. Psalm 115:3 declares that God has an absolute will, “…our God is in the heavens: He hath done whatsoever He hath pleased.”

We must heed the Word of God and be led by the Holy Spirit into the absolute will of God. Jesus Christ will always root out natural preference through His Word.

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