Near to His Heart

Jeremiah was called the weeping prophet because he wept day and night for his people. The apostle Paul was a brilliant, intellectually gifted and well educated man, yet he, too, wept night and day for the space of three years. Paul served his people with humility and tears that came from God! A servant of God may be moved to shed tears for many reasons. One reason may be the thought of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. In his heart and mind, he pictures Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary bearing our sins in His own body; this vision is always fresh in his mind. When we gather with the Body of Christ – this should always deeply touch us. Picture Jesus Christ loving the unlovely; consider His great compassion for the lost. Jesus loved people beyond their sin and taught them how to be released from the bondage of self-destruction caused by negative volition toward the Word of God. The Bible teaches us to call on the Lord Jesus Christ in time of need and to make no provision for the flesh (Romans 13:14). Jesus taught men to abide in the Word and to let the Word abide in them (John 15:7). What a magnificent provision!

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