Next Stop, Glorification

God’s eternal ambition is to turn curses into blessings. In Numbers 13, Moses is told by God to send spies to spy out the promised land. They brought back several bad reports about the land and its people, and they were fearful that they could not take the land. However, Caleb disregarded the reports and decided to go forward. What seemed to be a curse, God wanted to turn into a blessing, but the people were not looking for it.

In II Chronicles 20, there was an army coming against Jehoshaphat’s men. While Jehoshaphat and his army were praising the Lord, God sent confusion into the enemy’s camp and set ambushes against them (2). Then, there was the girl who had died (3). Jesus went to her, and told her to get up and she immediately arose. In these two examples, God turned a potential curse into a blessing. Accept it from God, it is the way He chose to work. He reverses situations for His glory.

No matter what problem you are facing today, no matter what situation you are in, God wants to turn it into a blessing. Look to Him and expect it. Rest in the fact that God wants to reverse a curse in your life. Look to Him and watch a blessing come out of a seemingly lifeless situation.

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