No Permanent Station

A Body that has a vision has a Cross that comes before the sight results of faith. Its whole purpose in seeing is to discover the location of those blinded from reality. Many still want the privileges of seeing their own achievements instead of counting all but loss for the gain of the Corporate Organism.

Peter, James and John were brought apart to see Jesus in all of His Glory. Peter liked it so much that his mental faculties immediately went about planning. He wanted to be stationed in this position permanently and to acquire Christ in a stable position where he could have a hold on his place. The Lord said let us move to the next place. God never tells us to hire a van to transport our goods and belongings. He just says forsake all. Don’t enter into Canaan with the mental attitudes of Egypt. Though you may be counted outwardly, it is only when the Kingdom is within that your life takes on value. You are always valuable to God because of His love. To men you are valuable when God’s life has become your only asset.

Jesus took Peter, James and John from the mountain into a world of need. Their first meeting: a man whose son was vexed by the devil. When we move with God we will discover that He is saving, healing, delivering, building, and going into all the world. Do not appreciate what you see in Christ from afar off and never draw nigh to follow Him into the valley. What you observe in Christ should cause you to participate in faith.

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