No Vacancies for the Devil

The most difficult job for the Spirit is to make people walk in what they receive. God wants a Body-quickening. No longer does God want us to be loitering in passivity. No longer does God want us rioting, that is, demonstrating an emotional Adam. No longer does God want us to live in subjective want, wanting things because of who we think we are in Adam. It is vital and important that we be sensitive to the Spirit as every moment passes, never getting up to be ourselves but always putting on Christ. We are not to live in what we confess, good or evil, but we are to live in the righteousness of a New Covenant. If we do not put on Christ, then we are reserving our thoughts to make a provision for the flesh. If instead of praising God inwardly, for example, we make provision not to praise Him, then murmuring, or some other form of death, takes its place.

To put on Christ, you literally act toward Christ. You do something personally with Christ. Never practice being the same and not doing something with Christ. Cast off all that is outside of Christ. Many people do not do this. As sincere as they are, as conscientious as they are with what they know, they get up with what they knew yesterday and do not deliberately get involved by putting on Christ. For example, they look at others, yet do not cast off their human opinions. A person may always put on a coat to protect him from the cold and yet he never puts on Christ in a fresh way.

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