Objection Overruled

The natural man deems it objectionable that God would justify the ungodly (1) who simply believe in Christ (2).

Often, we as believers in Christ, who have had His light sine into our hearts, begin to subtly object to the glory of that grace and to lean on our own understanding, or our human energies or merit. Though, the light has shone into our hearts, it is hindered from radiating out to others. We fall into the trap of representing a message without manifesting our Master.

As we appreciate His magnificent and eternal grace, the light of the glory of God shines into and out of our hearts and radiates to others with the knowledge of this glory (3). God commands this light to shine forth from the believer who continually assimilates finished work truth. He also commands a blessing on the assembly of believers who dwell together in a united appreciation of all that Christ is and all that He accomplished (4). Only then can we as a royal priesthood show forth the praises of Him who has called us out of darkness into His marvelous light (5).

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