Occupied with Christ

In Deuteronomy 8, the children of Israel became familiar with the blessings God had given them. They forgot about how He had delivered them from the hands of the Egyptians.

There are times when we forget about the “horrible pit” that He has dug us out of (Psalm 40:2). How careful we need to be that we do not forget what the Lord has done for us. When we lose sight of His hand upon our lives, we grow weary and become lukewarm in our walk with Him. God gives preventive medicine for this in His Word. It is filled with promises that give us hope, and it reminds us of what Christ has done for us. “The goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance” (Romans 2:4).

At times we feel as though we are so far from the Lord, and it seems we do not have the strength to draw near to Him. But just remembering Him and where He has brought us from brings deliverance to our lives. This motivates us to change our minds and allow God to do the work in our hearts. We begin to relish repentance, for it is God who brings us to that place. Keep in mind, we reveal what we are occupied with. Therefore, let us be occupied with Jesus Christ.

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