Oh, Forgiving Savior!

Grace is unsearchable, unfathomable, and inexhaustible. Man cannot comprehend it, because God's ways are past finding out.

Unlovely as we are, we were saved while we were yet sinners. In all of our sinfulness, God so loved us that He died to save us. Still, we sometimes ask, "Why me, Lord?" In a spirit of frustration, we wonder why God has allowed certain things to happen to us. We forget that each breath we take is purely a gift of grace. This grace is a great mystery, and our fellowship in this mystery will continue throughout eternity. I pray that you will see the unsearchable, inexhaustible, unfathomable grace that is ours. It is grace that has gone out to the chief sinners, to those who are less than the least. It is grace that prompted me, many years ago, to write these words in a song:

The pain of my sin, the grief of my trials,
Heartaches and sorrows and guilt all the while;
I felt so unworthy, in human disgrace,
Then came the glory of God's loving grace.
Oh, Forgiving Savior! Master of Peace,
You stilled the tempest, and my guilt has ceased.
I found Your favor; by faith I can see
That Calvary's Blood is also for me.

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