Operate in His Vision

One of the greatest problems we have is that we fail to appropriate what is truly ours. Why not let God work the truth within? Let Him develop a heavenly vision for the situation instead working up selfdefense mechanisms through Satan’s rationale.

God can heal the wounds and bind up your broken heart. He can take away the scars and give you the authority of love, the ointment of joy, the power of peace, and the manifestation of His presence. You can have a heavenly vision and enjoy the living God, with a living faith in a living Church that is taking a living message to a dying world.

Would you rather represent the authority of your feelings, the authority of your experience, and the authority of what you think? Just represent what God says! The choice is yours. I pray that you will be built up and use the authority of God’s grace, God’s mercy, and the filling of the Spirit to operate in His vision.

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