Our Heavenly Calling

During times of war, nations often reserve the right to summon young men into military service. It is difficult to imagine that someone would respond by saying, “I would rather not go, if that’s okay with you.” Although people do defer for various reasons, the call to military service is taken very seriously.

How ironic it is that people can so casually say no to God, exalting self above the Word of God. We have a heavenly calling, not an earthly one. The call comes from Jesus Christ, not from men, and everything in our life must submit to that call. Our vocation is to have doctrine as our profession and trade so we can live by every single word of God. When we face Jesus Christ individually in eternity, we want it to be said of each of us that we honored the mandates of the Word of God.

We are called ones. This is why we don’t get weary in well-doing. We accept the fact that we are called; we don’t struggle with our moods. Along with accepting the call comes the provision for maturity and stability. We preach the Cross. To those who perish it is foolishness; but to those who are saved it is the power of God (1 Corinthians 1:18).

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