Our High Vocation

As Christians, we have been called out of the darkness into God’s marvelous light. Our calling is holy and heavenly for it comes from the Lord, who is above all and in all. It is not something we do to bring about social change or to provide a decent life for ourselves and for our families; indeed, that is the purpose of an occupation. Our call is a vocation, a lifestyle ordered by the Word of God.

God desires that we bring forth fruit unto godliness, but this will only happen when we allow our lives to be defined by the Word of God. Having this definition produces tremendous stability deep within the soul, which results in an outward application of the truth we receive.

When we operate in our vocation, we abide in a heavenly call empowered by the Holy Spirit through the Word of grace. As a result, our lives will be fertile ground for a full production of all the fruits of the Spirit. The inward qualities of lowliness and meekness and the outward expressions of longsuffering and forbearance will bring forth unity among the brethren with great peace.

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