Ministry Departments

Ministry departments are those that relate to ministering to people whether it be in the area of education, missions, pastoral care, or other.

John A. Love

Pastor John Love graduated from Stevens School of the Bible in 1984 with a three-year diploma in Pastoral Studies and was then ordained that same year as a Minister of the Gospel. He is the Youth Pastor of Greater Grace World Outreach in Baltimore, Maryland, where he has been working with young people for over […]

Julius Thompson

Born and raised in Baltimore, Julius has served in the Greater Grace music ministry for 12 years, starting at a trumpet player in the Greater Grace Christian Academy Jazz Band as an eighth-grader. He is currently pursuing music studies at a local college. His favorite Bible passage is Titus 2:11-12: “For the grace of God […]

Sarah Reagan

Sarah is a singer and teacher who grew up in Baltimore. She studied music and graduated from Baltimore School for the Arts, then went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Sarah attended Greater Grace Christian Academy through grade 8, and also spent one year […]

Kevin Cooper

Born in New York City, Pastor Cooper met Greater Grace in New Jersey, through Pastor Bruce Wright, in 1979. He attended Stevens School of the Bible in Massachusetts and developed an outreach ministry in Holyoke, Mass. As an assisting pastor with Greater Grace, Pastor Cooper directs the ministry’s Outreach programs and also teaches and leads […]

Jason Moore

Jason is a graduate from Maryland Bible College and Seminary, and presently he leads the Pastoral Care Team of Greater Grace Church in Baltimore. Since age 16, Jason has been involved with mission work among the former Soviet-Bloc countries in Eastern Europe, as well as in Asia, and in the United States. While living in […]

Barry Quirk

Barry joined Greater Grace Christian Academy in July 2014, fresh off the mission field from Budapest, Hungary, where he and his wife, Veronica, and their daughter, Kendel, served since 2004. During the last seven years in Hungary, Barry was Managing Director of Greater Grace International School. Barry is an administrator, an educator, and a pastor. […]

Carla Foekens

Carla, a native of the Netherlands, became a Christian while working as a midwife in 1988. She graduated from MBCS in 1992 and then served for five years on the mission field in Bratislava, Slovakia. She then returned to the Netherlands and worked as a midwife serving in refugee camps. In 2008, she, her husband […]

Roelof Foekens

Roelof traces his vision from God back to 1956 while growing up in the Netherlands. He connected with Greater Grace in 1984 and got his first taste of Bible college in 1987 and came to Baltimore with his wife, Carla, for one year in 1991. He then served in Bratislava, Slovakia, and was ordained in […]

Philippe Serradji

Philippe Serradji was born in France, where he served as the director for Bible colleges at Nimes in Southern France and at Paris, where he also taught for more than 20 years. He met Christ at the age of 13 and attended the Institut Théologique & Missionnaire, earning his Bachelor of Theology. He also has […]