Service Departments

Service departments are those departments that provide the practical services needed to operate the church such as the technical operations, IT/Web, Finance or other.

Trish Watson

Trish Watson has been serving GGWO in Baltimore for more than 10 years. She recently transitioned from a position she held for 8 years as the GGWO Event Manager and is currently applying her organizational skills in her new role as an Administrative Assistant at GGCA. In addition, she continues to serve as the secretary […]

Scott Dubay

Scott was born in Portland, Maine. Through the incredible sacrifice of his parents, he and his four brothers and sisters attended Southern Maine Christian School from 1972 to 1984. He attended Stevens School of the Bible in Lenox, Massachusetts, and graduated from Baltimore’s Maryland Bible College and Seminary in 1988. Scott spent some time with […]

Russel Hoffses

Russell leads the ushers staff for Greater Grace. He has been a member of GGWO since 1987. He has been an usher at GGWO for 27 years and became Head Usher December 2013. He has attended Maryland Bible College and Seminary for 3.5 years and has taught classes at MBCS. Russell led a children’s Bible Club […]

Ryan Reagan

Ryan was born in Massachusetts and graduated from Greater Grace Christian Academy in 2000 and from Maryland Bible College and Seminary in 2012. He spent five years as a missionary in Budapest, Hungary, where he served as manager for Greater Grace International School and the A Bibla Szol church cafe. He returned to the U.S. […]

Paul Nye

Paul, a native of the United Kingdom, came to Christ through a Greater Grace church plant in England in 1989. He became IT Director at Greater Grace in Baltimore in 1993, after volunteering in that department during his time at Maryland Bible College and Seminary. He enjoys supporting the vision of the ministry through the […]

Sue May

Sue met the ministry in 1976 while she was co-owner of a small print shop in the Berkshire region of Massachusetts. About a year later, she began what has been an almost continuous run of service in the publications ministry of Greater Grace. She has edited, formatted, and typeset thousands of Greater Grace books, booklets, […]

Anna Braganza

Anna was born in Finland and lived in Hungary with her missionary mom and sisters from 1993 to 1996, when she graduated from Greater Grace Christian Academy in Budapest. Her family moved to Baltimore in 1997 and she married Neil Braganza, from India, in 1998. She is the mother of five. She also is a […]