Our Object of Faith

It is so easy for the world to entice us to live by sight, or to have some program that we can grab onto right now. Christians want something to happen, so they search desperately for some sign that it will be done at once. We must turn our eyes to the Word of God, which says that we live by faith (2), are made righteous by faith (3), and please God with our faith (4).

The living Word of God, Jesus Christ, is both the source and the object of our faith. Many time believers get caught up in a “sign” rather than the source of that sign. In John 4:50-54, a nobleman asked Jesus to heal his son. The nobleman wanted Jesus to lay his hand on the boy, but Jesus simply said, “Go thy way, thy son liveth.” “And the man believed the word that Jesus had spoken unto him” (John 4:50). It says that this man “believed the word.” He trusted what Jesus said without any sign.

We need to believe the word and go on as this man did. Let us not be held back by wondering whether a promise will be fulfilled, but let us have faith in the Word, and continue with full assurance that God has heard us. Have confidence that if the Word says it, it will be done.

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