Our Sins Cannot Be Found

Think of it. When we confess our sin, it is gone. Just as a storm cloud dissolves into a mist when it is penetrated by the intensity of sunlight, so our sins lose their power and are gathered back to God's sea of forgetfulness. Praise Him for that.

God Almighty says, "The Son took all of your sins on His precious body, and I remember your sins no more." His desire is that we would really believe it. Jeremiah 50:20 says that when the accusers tried to search for the sins of Judah and the iniquities of Israel, they could not be found.

Glorify God for His grace. He means what He says from the bottom of His heart. He cannot find any of the sins committed by Judah and Israel.

Consider what those nations did: They worshipped idols-everything under the sun. Like an adulterous woman, they wandered far from their Beloved. But God can't find their sins and iniquities because each one was placed upon Jesus Christ. He is the Lamb, slain from the foundation of the world, judged for every sin-past, present, and future.

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