Owe No Man Nothing but Love

When the Champion of Love made His entrance upon earth's stage of human performance, He taught us the true debt of life. Today, so many people are concerned with their debts, and they run here and there in an attempt to appropriate funds to pay them. Then, there are others who are in a position of lending. They run here and there trying to collect what is theirs. Many church groups make the Law their standard, and if a person breaks a law he is told how to pay the debt. If you feel you are indebted to someone, or feel that someone is indebted to you, remember to owe no man nothing but to love one another.

Christ came to earth and was rejected. Instead of enthroning Him, people crucified Him. He didn't write out a bill, but He said, Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." We owed Him everything because He paid our debt of sin with His Blood. He expected nothing in return. Don't go around today always thinking someone owes you something, trying to collect what you think you deserve-recognition, position, appreciation. Don't keep a mental account of who owes you what, or think you owe everyone else something. All accounts went out of the window of Calvary when Perfect Innocence paid for all sin. How can we make everything fair and square when Calvary's concept of justice is giving everyone what they don't deserve by grace? Allow Christ to borrow who you are, so love can pay the debt.

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