Patience Through Faith

How can we give glory to God? By offering up to Him the very life that He has so freely given. God purposefully sends us times of testing to release what used to be our concept of God into a living reality. Foreknowing our needs, what our response will be, and what the trial will produce, God works tribulation into our lives. He uses the fiery furnace to activate that which lies residential within us-the life of His Son.

When trials come, we can either faint or pray, quit or learn obedience, live in Christ or remain in our own bankruptcy. If we refuse to allow Christ's nature to be revealed in the tribulations which are appointed unto us, we end up frustrating the grace of God and never become mature in His plan. We'll never be able to give back to God the qualities that He has imparted to us. But if we trust God in times of tribulation, patience will be produced. We will experience faith as we enjoy standing in grace, rejoicing in the hope of Christ being revealed through us.

The trial of our faith is actually more precious than gold because God is producing in us something that will never pass away-the eternal nature of Christ. Love desires to be expressed and experienced, to be released through us, and to be shed abroad to others. We don't need to know all the "whys" of our tribulations. We can be confident in the character of love, satisfied with the One initiating to us in every situation and responding through us to reveal His life.

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