Perfectly Joined Together

The mind of Christ revealed in the Word of God is the basis for unity in the church. As each member thinks with Christ, all members will have the same content in their minds. Through the Word and participation with the Holy Spirit, they will attain unto like-mindedness. This request was made “in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,” which means by virtue of His character or divine disposition. Divine disposition is characterized by comfort, love, strength, communion, affection, compassion, forgiveness, graciousness, etc.

Paul said, “Fulfill ye my joy.” The principle here is that likemindedness produces joy and calm cheerfulness because the minds are sharing together a united purpose, the love of Christ, and the same content of thought. Like mindedness is the result of a positive, free volitional choice toward categories in the Word of God by the individual members of the Body of Christ in order to express His character and purpose. This oneness of mind is shared by the Body as a whole, because the mind of Christ is a constant, stable, unchanging, attribute or system of thought. Gifts, personalities, and methods are diversified, but they are not the basis for unity. Bible doctrine, the mind of Christ, and the expression of Christ are the premise for unity of the Body of Christ, which occurs with joint participation in the Holy Spirit.

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