Performance or Expression?

Christianity is not difficult to perform. It is a flow which expresses. One either acts in terms of knowledge or lives in terms of God. Your confession will betray your experience if you are living in terms of knowledge. Others will hear a confession of knowledge but will not see the transforming power of love coming forth. The nature of God gives freely all that man must strive to achieve. When man tries to put on that which God would give, he limits himself to his own acting capabilities. When we accept Christ, God always gives us life to grow, forgiveness to cover, grace to abound, and mercy to stand in. “He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water” ( John 7:38). In Christ we are not acting; rather, God’s life is revealing His divine action. We see the throne through supernatural revelation. We see God fill us with the expediency of His power. No longer are we resigned to striving for Godlikeness, but we are faced with God and are transformed into His likeness. See the throne first and you will not have to face the death in yourself. God will execute the sentence experientially as He fills you with the Spirit which is before you. Be awe stricken with its beauty. Do not look at yourself in comparison to the King. Only consider Him as the substitute for your own life. Instead of acting according to what is expected, live accepted in Christ by the life of grace.

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