To love, love deeply, have mercy

“Like as a father pitieth* his children, so the Lord pitieth them that fear him. For He knoweth our frame; he remembereth that we are dust.” Psalm 103:13-14 (*-to love, love deeply, have mercy, be compassionate, have tender affection, have compassion.)

God pities us. Do you know Him that way? If so, it might change a lot of things. Mom and Dad taught us “don’t be a complainer; don’t whine about everything.” I certainly understand why. But God differently says, “Come to me, you will find pity.” Father knows we are made of dust.

Tell your Father in Heaven

Have you failed a lot lately? Be honest with Him. Is it because your circumstances are unbearable? Don’t make excuses for sin, but please tell Him all about it. We must endure much on this earth, but sometimes our rear ends are getting kicked and we are not making it. Tell your Father in Heaven; He pities you and remembers that your torso is but powder.

A life of dependency on Him

The children of Israel hated their time in the desert sand, generally speaking. They murmured and God was angered at them at times. What was God up to? Was He teaching them to be tough? No, He was reducing them to a life of dependency on Him — which life was much more in sync with reality.

Broken, transparent, Spirit-taught

Friends, we often get angry at our mundane existence because we feel we are missing some big exciting life. God is trying to show us from John 17:3 that the goal  in this life is to get to know Him. The goal is not, “be good, be tough, be strong, don’t quit;” but instead, in relationship with Him, be broken, transparent, Spirit-taught, and then — don’t quit.

Your Hollywood career or star-studded sports thing could turn into a destroyer, if realized without Him. In its place, you have been delegated precious spiritual gifts, dear one. An intimate rapport with Abba, Father will make that gift so effectual; Dad so craves to make your life count. Really!!

God helped

A friend of mine sees their life as a perpetual bummer. They were left to take care of a needy family member. They became resentful at God and at their other family. They struggled, they reluctantly stayed with it, and they poured out their heart to us at a breaking point. Did it help them? Some. It was more than mere people could help with. Nevertheless, God helped.

Friends, when is the last time that you gushed tears to God for need of love? When did you tell Him of your mistreatment? — When, your inward struggles, physical stuff, depressive tendencies, and rages?— your desire for  companionship, a friend, a caregiver or spouse?

When you have an honest complaint, a grudge, a difference, an injustice, to men we cannot go; but His ear is bowed to hear. Click To Tweet

“Fear not, thou worm Jacob,” was uttered at God’s perfect timing. When did the angel of the Lord give you or me water, and a cake? He ministereth to Elijah on his bed of languishing.  “But we were gentle among you, even as a nurse cherisheth her children.” Paul said this to the Thessalonians.

The person wept and wept and wept

A person came in to the office for help. I asked them to tell me of their history in the Church. I became assured of their salvation experience. As they shared however, I could sense a determination in their demeanor to make the best of their hurting life.

At one point they said to me,” I always try to put a smile on my face.” I interrupted them and said, “can you forget the smile and just give me the honest details of what you are going through. The person wept and wept and wept. They never had opened that door-way. I quickly showed them that it is God’s initiation and yearning. It is His nature of pity to care that way.

Pour out your heart to Abba

Finally, many are optimistic, many fatalistic, many hero-driven, but where fits God?  People have a philosophy of life, making the best of things. Beloved, Jesus’ cross kills demands of social acceptability; the face, the phony smile, the tough exterior, rolling with the punches.  Pour out your heart to Abba, Our Father. He pities us and remembers our frame; just as we are, He longs for us.

Love ya.

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