Plan or Provision?

What are you occupied with—God’s plan or His provisions? Not once did God command, require, request, or even suggest that we be concerned with His Plan. Our responsibility as Christians is to be occupied with His Provisions.

Whenever a person allows his mind to center on God’s Plan, he enters into an area of thought beyond his own. It is of no consequence to us whether or not we know God’s Plan for our lives; only that we fulfill it through His provisions. “Which of you by taking thought could add one cubit to his stature” (Matthew 6:27)?

Occupation with the plan can result only in a mind full of questions. Occupation with the provisions makes all my thoughts declarative. Could you, as Abraham, go forth into a strange land, not knowing whither you were going, or would you require a detailed geo-physical map of the way and the land to be seen? An egg does not need to know the details of the recipe in order to be fulfilled in the cake. Likewise we need not know the details in God’s recipe for life in order to be fulfilled by our part in the Finished Work.

Christ is my Provision. With His life, I am fulfilled and am a partaker of the Plan of God. My thoughts are continually occupied with the Master. I concentrate upon receiving all that He is for me in this moment. Being occupied with His provisions is the aspect of God’s plan for my life in which I allow my mind to take an interest.

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