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Prayed for 17 times.

GGWO Missions Prayer

__World Outreach Targeted Prayer__

16, 17, 18, 19, February 2021


Pray for Summer Harvest team for

August 2021!

ECUADOR | Guayaquil

Body life; renewed vigor in ministry to impact Guayaquil and beyond; relief from the pandemic and government restriction.

Pastor Alfredo & Gloria Barriga


Please pray for these precious people: Will, Carla, Carmi, Erick, Jordan, Lorena, and Maria. We want a GGWO pastor to move here and be our pastor. Pray fervently for this.

Will Argoti

PERÚ | Lima

Preaching of the Gospel, discipling believers, Bible college training; great unity and peace in the Body; finances and health of the members; the government to grant permission for in-person church services. Pray also for a great blessing on visiting the church in Trujillo with P. Julio.

Pastor Arturo & Blanca Costa

PERÚ | Mazamari

We have many opportunities to minister to families and children in this jungle city of Mazamari as we are hardly affected by the pandemic here. Pray for P. Arturo and P. Julio’s visit to help us reach more people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

PERÚ | Trujillo

Thank you for loving us. Pray for our spiritual growth; radio program; openness, wisdom and boldness in evangelism; Bible college classes; us to go at least on two mission trips to other parts of Peru this year; a fresh revelation from God in the ministry.

Pastor Julio & Cristina Montoya

BRAZIL | Belo Horizonte

Need for a church building; church finances; wisdom in planning; corona virus situation.

Pastor Geraldo & Elaine Oliveira

ARGENTINA | Grand Bourg

Pray for the undertaking of the construction of our church building; government approval of paperwork; church services to be blessed; a great blessing on our joint conference with the Rosario church next October.

Pastor Ceferino & Ana Lemos


We have a building with space for at least 200 people; pray for us as we want to fill it. We already have the chairs. Pray for the borders to open for missionaries, as there are young men and women who hope to come; we expect much blessing on ministry efforts in the next 18 months. Pray about coming and being a part of it.

Pastor Stan & Karen Collins


Pray for a harvest trip from Rosario, Argentina to Asuncion, Paraguay in August. What a great time to do this!


Pray for this nation to experience a turning to God. For the Holy Spirit to move in unprecedented ways. Open doors for our two Argentina churches to send a joint missions team to Uruguay.

CHILE | Rancagua

Radio programs; online services; opportunities with small groups; more baptisms and other church events; the government to ease restrictions.

Pastor Christian & Adriana Diaz

CHILE | Santiago

Need for an appropriate place for church meetings; the government to lift restrictions on meetings; we desire to be efficient at making disciples; God to add those who would be saved.

Pastor Rolando & Flavia Moya

Received: February 18, 2021

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