Precious Promises

The “exceeding great and precious promises” of God to his children include every provision necessary for the believer to partake of the divine nature of Jesus Christ. The Father is the source of all power, the Son is the expression of the Father, and our earthen vessels are used to manifest Him to the world.

These godly characteristics are produced in our human nature, not in our sin nature. We possess both. Experiential victory increases from faith to faith and from promise to promise as God’s divine life literally merges with the believer’s human nature. Through the promises, the filling of the Holy Spirit, and a child-like response of faith in our hearts, the objective truth of God’s divine substance is received through humility and selflessness at the Cross of Jesus Christ; His death made this possible.

Never stop short of Calvary by accepting satanic projections of pride. Avoid living in self-condemnation, or accepting a poor self-image. When our sense of unworthiness and humility pass through the Cross, we find ourselves resurrected with a new capacity and power for life. Our surrender to the cross and the Holy Spirit causes God’s divine nature to flow with rivers of water through our humanity.

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