Precious Steps of Faith

Our time on earth is very precious to God because it is the only opportunity we have to exercise faith. It is faith that pleases Him. In heaven, we will have no need for faith. There, everything will become sight.

But on the earth, God requires us to walk by faith so He can test our capacity to trust in Him. Jesus Christ isn't here physically for us to see and touch. That would not require faith on our part. Yet by faith, He desires to bring us into intimacy with Himself and to enable us to experience every aspect of His essence and nature.

When the children of Israel went into Canaan, there were enemies to battle and territories to claim by faith. There were strongholds to overcome. It is the same way in every Christian's life. The enemies are driven out as we learn to believe on His Word, receive from His cup of salvation, and walk by faith in His Resurrection victory.

Jesus Christ doesn't want details and struggles to steal our fellowship with Him. Allow these words to motivate you as you consider the possibilities and potential you have to walk by faith with Christ.

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