Preparing For the Battle

God's delays are more important than our haste. The Lord never procrastinates; He always relates to the truth of the need in the application of the Plan. Many of us push the panic button in an attempt to bring about certain events.

Although the first outward expression of an inward life with God is longsuffering, a Christian will never realize how to prepare for the battle while he lives in the anxiety of the fight.

Divine delays are one of the most valuable opportunities man has, because they give him an opportunity to fellowship with Christ by faith. When we realize that the Jericho Wall does not collapse the first time we go around it, we are preparing for the battle. Neither did the wall come down after the next several times around, because Jesus Christ was teaching the people how to continue walking, even when it did not appear progress was being made. God refuses to be scheduled. He has all the time in the world to accomplish His purpose. In fact, He has all eternity. The walls falling down, or the battle being won, doesn't mean as much to Him as our learning to walk quietly during His delays as you experience His fellowship. God does everything decently and in order (1 Corinthians 14:40). He will not put a roof on a house until the foundation is laid. He will not fill a need until He deals with a root that produces the need. Keep walking. Don't faint. In due season, you shall reap.

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