Preying On Your Weakness

Having been spiritually illustrated so well in God’s dealings and instructions to the nation of Israel, God has a specific attitude toward Amalek. They picture to us a besetting sin that recedes into the inner recesses of our human nature awaiting a moment of weakness.

All of us are subject to weakness. There will be times of natural tiredness, neglect and carelessness; and for these things God has a provision. But there is an enemy that lies wait and he will use these moments of weakness to attack. He will not attack when we are strong and built-up because he is fearful and cowardly toward strength, as he was toward the nation of Israel. He is fearful of our strength in the Gospel, but he lies waiting patiently until the main force of our strength is abated. Once abated, it is possible that in some area a person can begin to deviate or slow down and lag behind spiritually. The enemy then springs upon him from his place of ambush and attacks him at his greatest moment of weakness. At this point he cannot combat and is perhaps quite isolated.

The devil uses believers to his advantage, and with this God is angry. God’s program for this is the identical program He anointed for Saul, though Saul did not carry it through. God’s offensive attack is to root out the enemy when you are strong and utterly destroy him before he has the opportunity to lie in wait for your weakness.

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