Profitless in Terms of Eternal Substance

Many people preach the truth and yet never become an outward message of the Word in their lives. They may rejoice in what they hear but their rejoicing is only an emotional effect, because faith was not its divine cause. They live in spontaneous response which has no eternal effect. They thank God for what He says, but they cannot trust His character to perform the promise in them. They are cordial toward the Word, greeting its message with polite thanks, and yet they are void of reverence and fear in which trust brings about the rest of the Finished Work.

You must hear the Word in faith to keep it. Someone who has greeted God's message will never meet God in that message until he grasps a faith that is God's. One will never know God until he knows Him through His Word.

The Word of God joins you to a character of transforming power. Your expectation can be in exact agreement with what the Word reveals. We do not have to live in anything less than what God says.

Many Christians speak the Word and yet live a profitless life not filled with eternal substance. The Word is not hid in their hearts to bring them victory, because they do not allow the humility of faith to cultivate their hearts as good ground. It is only through utter dependence on the Word that we can be free of the Satanic influences and bondages that barrage our lives daily. To hear the Word is to receive faith, to see a victory, and to be conformed to the Victor.

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