Pure Conviction

Pure convictions are derived from the standard of God’s Word. We must not allow our natural design or desires to affect or change our convictions.

Opinions can fluctuate anywhere from legalism to lasciviousness, but in every case they deceive the soul and keep it from receiving conviction. They also make a person self-confident without sensitivity, study or prayer.

Opinions preserve self. Convictions preserve the purity and life of Christ. True confidence and boldness come from knowing the mind, character, nature, and ways of God (2). Satan wants to break down the protective walls of conviction so that we will exchange them for opinions that favor self. He matches his bait to a secret craving of the soul and with it provides the opinion to justify responses to that bait. Psalm 45:7 promises a blessing to the one who loves righteousness and hates iniquity in a clear-cut stance with truth.

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