Purpose to Retain

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, if a man keep my saying, he shall never see death.” The average Christian enjoys a message, but has no method of retaining what he has heard. Only a few minutes after hearing the Word, he is unable to remember it.

If he cannot remember what he has heard, how will he ever apply it when trials or difficulties come his way? A lack of concentration is the reason for much cosmic activity during spirit-filled preaching. Believers need to go beyond this activity by having a plan to purpose to retain the Word of Life. Taking notes is a good beginning. Having a system for categorically filing these notes is better.

Accept God’s grace to give you a capacity to develop your ability to listen. As you begin to receive, you will recall the information at a later time. Be careful how you hear (2). Be more ready to hear (3). Be careful what you hear (4). Concentration on the Word of God is the highest form of worship. Why? Because Jesus esteems His Word even above His name (5).

What will this do for your life? First, it will increase your faith (6). Secondly, faith in your life will bring more faith (7). Thirdly, the word of God in your soul will regulate your emotions and give you power over sin (8). Finally, the benefits will pour over into every detail of your life!

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