Putting God First

Let us consider why God did not use nearly all of the 32,000 Israelites in the battle against the Midianites: 31,700 men failed the “water test” in Judges 7. They put the natural desires of the flesh before their desire for God. They were selfish. This is the reason why many people are never able to fight against the Midianites in today’s spiritual battles. Yet, because three hundred men dwelled together in unity, they destroyed the Midianites. Think of it – 31,700 put their natural desires ahead of God’s provision.

The greatest desire of every believer’s heart is to be united with God’s people who are seeking His kingdom first (2). Proverbs 8:17 says, “They that seek me early shall find me.” Those who seek God’s kingdom first from the time they awake in the morning, will be given mercies and compassion that will be new every day. They are then equipped to put the needs of others before their own, and as a result God will command a blessing.

Three hundred men continually put the cause that God had given to Gideon ahead of their own personal needs. Let every child of God learn from the example of these men. May the cause of Jesus Christ come before anything else that tries to distract the attention of our lives. God will then be able to give a victory that will truly be His, and He will destroy the Midianites of our lives.

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