Quietness and Confidence

As Christians, it is guaranteed that we will face many challenges as we walk with Christ. This is a turbulent era for the human race at large. Changes in governments, natural disasters, age-old conflicts, and debilitating diseases are bringing heartache to so many.

Our natural response to such difficulties is to scramble for human resources-money, effort, and time-in a frantic search for answers. This, however, is not God’s way. He has said that in quietness and confidence we shall find our strength. Simply put, the Lord’s desire is that we learn to be still and know that He is God in every situation. We can only do this if we come to fully understand Who God is and recognize what we are not. He allows certain things to bring us to the end of ourselves. By receiving the truth consistently, we will learn how to quiet ourselves before Him and be still, realizing that God knows every way that we take and that He will bring us to His expected end.

Receive the Word of God very carefully. Practice academic discipline and spiritual concentration with God-consciousness. A soul that is not distracted will receive what God has to give in the maximum glorification of Jesus Christ.

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