Real Wisdom

It is up to us to know the way of God. But there is no way to know God's way unless we have doctrinal wisdom. Doctrinal wisdom is knowing God's mind through categorical doctrine in every realm of life. Doctrinal wisdom gives manifold faith for manifold trials (1 Peter 1:6-7), manifold grace for the details of life (1 Peter 4:10). Doctrinal wisdom also gives manifold wisdom for everything we face, as it provides for every detail of our lives (Ephesians 3:10).

In these perilous times, we as believers must recognize our heavenly position. We are seated together with Christ, above all that is going on in the cosmic system, which is the way of the world. Christ's Finished Work-His death, burial, and resurrection-prepared the way for us. Our faith in Christ has placed us on the right road. In His time, God will bring us home to heaven. Until then, we walk by faith and not by sight in the way of God.

We have not found the way of works, nor the way of legalism, nor the way of condemnation. We have found the way of love-a way that creates a capacity to honor and obey God, to love His doctrine, and to follow Christ by grace through faith.

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