Recompense of Waiting

Great recompense means that God gives grace in return for waiting on Him. The Christian has in his possession the ability through grace to have a relationship with the Father in spite of the condition. He wants us to learn how to wait and to experience His grace without regard to situations and circumstances. In waiting, we will receive the reward of patience. It is necessary for everyone to experience valleys in order to develop God’s patience. He allowed Sarah and Abraham to wait many years for Isaac. He made Moses wait 40 years on the back side of the desert before he raised him up to lead Israel out of captivity.

Parents often have to wait for their children to become what they want them to become. While they wait, God conforms them to His image. He cultivates divine patience, a fruit of the Holy Spirit developed at the cross.

Many believers are not prepared to serve. They are never equipped to go out, because they fail to understand this divine principle of waiting on God. They need to recognize that it is the method by which grace and faith are taught in the quiet solitary places of their hearts.

Cast not away your boldness or your outspokenness when you come to Jesus, be frank… be honest. This confidence toward Him will be rewarded with great recompense.

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