Redemptive Review

Christians, at times, need to stop and be encouraged by seeing how God has changed their lives. The believer reviews his life, and watches God’s hand of goodness and policy of grace upon his life. The psalmist, in looking over his life, said in Psalm 119:65, “Thou hast dealt well with thy servant, O Lord, according unto thy Word.” He came to this conclusion after a panoramic review of his life perceived according to God’s Word (2); (3). In His plan of grace, the Lord engineered all things for the believer’s benefit and planned many providential reversals (1).

Joseph, in Genesis 50:20, reviewed his life and saw how he had been betrayed by the evil motives of his jealous, carnal brothers. Because of doctrine residing and God presiding in his soul, he saw that God was in a larger and redemptive context maneuvering the situations for the ultimate good. He, too, could say, “Lord, you have dealt well (graciously) with me.”

The New Testament believer certainly has a capacity for redemptive review not only for his previous years of life, but for his already accomplished co-crucifixion, co-death, co-burial, co-resurrection and ascension with Christ. This review causes us to rejoice by seeing the sweet in what may have only been previously bitter.

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