Respond to God’s Initiation

As the Bride of Christ grows in maturity, God continually provides her with a new depth and sphere of fellowship with Him. In Song of Solomon 3 and 4, He gives her a clear picture of her protected position: she is a garden enclosed, a spring shut up, a fountain sealed. The devil cannot touch her in her Finished Work position. As Christ revealed her position in Him, she could have responded to that revelation with an increased capacity to receive more of His love and a desire to give back to Him and to others all that she had received. But she didn’t. She became self-satisfied and complacent. She lost the spontaneity of response. She became temporarily insensitive by allowing her new knowledge to paralyze her potential to respond.

Her Beloved put His hand upon the door; the hand that embraced her, held her up; the hand that had been nailed to the Cross for her. The door was locked. She was slow to respond, so He stopped initiating in order to show her what she had done. He didn’t condemn her, but left the sweet smell of mercy lingering upon the lock. Her slowness to respond had affected her Beloved’s initiation, thus she was moved and rose to find Him.

Let us never take our positional perfection for granted and became insensitive to His daily initiations toward us. True love never has a locked door. Rise out of yourself and your self-complacency. Christ is waiting to meet you in an ever-fresh communion of love.

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