Response in Faith

The fourth hearer became the first because he received the Word as though it were personally addressed to him. He did not agree with the message for others, but lived it for himself. Every new word from God demands an immediate response of faith from man. The fourth man was divinely conditioned to experience faith. He was honest with what he heard and sanctified by what God said. The moment a person lingers in his response of faith, he is holding up the operation of God. He leaves open the way for unrest because he has not entered immediately into the rest of faith. As soon as a person does not believe God as He reveals truth, he stops being honest. He may think he is humble because of his attitude toward himself, but in reality he is assuming an attitude of iniquity instead of attending unto mercy.

Instead of keeping yourself in view, lose sight of yourself and focus on God’s Word in faith. The hearer that makes it keeps the Word. Even his failures bring him back to the Word. God intends the Word to become a source of conviction into the life of Christ. So many times people, instead of being quickened by the latest revelation from God, withdraw into memories and feel that God is rebuking them. The Word of God convicts us into conversion. Conviction is a bearer of life. The conviction of what we are becomes the conviction of what He did and who we are in Him.

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