Reveal a Living Faith

As Christians, the solution to the problems of our nation begins with us. Jesus Christ said, "If I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto me" (John 12:32), speaking of how His death on the cross would glorify God and fulfill His eternal purpose.

God has called us by His grace to reveal His Son in us. When the Cross of Christ is lifted up in our lives, we acknowledge who He is and we manifest His life. This brings Him glory and ultimately wins the lost.

Each member of the Trinity shares absolute unity and authority that leads by example: loving, giving, honoring, and serving one another. When we receive the nature of the Trinity and allow the Lord to manifest His life in us, God is glorified.

God desires to speak to us heart-to-heart. Each of us has a solemn and sacred responsibility to communicate what is inspired from heaven. Only God, however, can illuminate what He has inspired. He must reveal in us a living faith that recognizes His authority. By the living Word, which is the quick and powerful two-edged sword of the Spirit, we are changed from living in soulish self-consciousness to living in God-consciousness in our human spirit. Let these thoughts permeate and penetrate as you hunger and thirst after God.

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