Reveal Eternity in Your Corner

God cannot win a lost world with a sick church. He can only do it with those who will receive His energy through His Word. Jesus wants to be able to come right down with revelation and to have people simply receive it without confessing sickness in relation to Adam. Just hear the Word and thank God as you go out in the power of His energy. It is not humble to confess the truth about Adam. Confess the Kingdom, the promises, the Spirit, the victory, and all things being in Christ. Do not hold onto your selflife. There is no need to re-educate our subjective mind. It is not a need for positive thinking, but a need for positive faith. Positive faith takes the Word and obeys it. Positive faith walks after 38 years being an invalid (Luke 5:25). Positive faith knows that we must just touch the hem of His garment to be healed.

Hear and receive and be as alive as the Word is. Positive faith measures life by the promises, but even when it cannot hold onto the promises, God has committed Himself to us beyond the promises. Use words of divine energy instead of confessing the weakness of the flesh. Instead of what you learn through the performance of the flesh, live in Who you know through a revelation of a Person. Adam will always deny power, fret, murmur, compare, and place himself in a corner. He stays there instead of using the corner to reveal eternity. You cannot get along with Adamic security when God has revealed the Son of Eternity.

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