Revealing God's Heart

God wants to give us new hearts that reveal genuine love for people. Think of Jesus Christ's life and how His heart was always revealed toward the lost. His identity wasn't in His greatness, His power, or His glory. Instead, He allowed Himself to be associated with transgressors and to be called the friend of publicans and sinners. No one needs friends more than sinners! And the One who did not sin now stands as our greatest friend.

Amaziah followed the Lord, but not with a perfect heart (2 Chron icles 25:2). He didn't lie or cheat, and he was faithful as a leader. He did everything he was supposed to, but he didn't serve God with a mature heart that identifies in compassion.

God is after perfect hearts. A person can serve God, seeming to do everything that is right, but not with a perfect heart. Every believer needs to examine his heart. Is it toward the lost? Does he identify with the down-andouter, the up-and-outer, and those who are in harm's way because of weakness?

When we walk with God, He gives us a new heart where the Holy Spirit will shed His love abroad. This love enables us to identify, encourage, and win those who are wounded, defeated, and lost.

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