Right Authority

Any relationship that manipulates or controls is the wrong authority. True authority, however, is often misunderstood. God gives authority figures as gifts of His grace for the administration of His work in this world. It is important that we help these leaders. We should build them up in their faith.

When authority is weakened, there is the potential for confusion. God’s delegation is designed to keep people in the midst of the warfare that persists in Satan’s cosmic system.

Bona fide authority doesn’t come from who you are or from the title that you hold. Real authority is exercised through submission. If you are submitted to Christ, then God will make sure that His authority is in your administration.

Jesus Christ has authority because He submitted to the Father’s plan and was led by the Holy Spirit in His humanity. This was the key to every miracle connected with His ministry, and this kind of submission is the key to our success as well.

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