Rocks in the Garden

Look What I Found

A few years back I was tilling my vegetable garden when discovered a very large rock with the tines of the tiller as it was attempting to turn over the soil. It struck me at that moment that I had been tilling and picking rocks out of the same patch of ground for near 20 years. Amazingly enough I had never hit that particular rock before. Then I looked up and saw the pile of rocks I had been making for much of those years next to the garden. There were so many. You would think they’d all have been removed by then but they weren’t. I’m still discovering new ones to be pulled out and thrown in the pile.

Goodbye Rocks

The rocks remind me of sin in a Christian’s life. God reveals things to us that have to go. After all these years of walking with the Lord we inevitably hit another stone that needs to be dug up and eliminated. Some might say, “That’s depressing.” “When will the rocks be all gone?” The answer is they’ll never be all gone as long as we live, but I’m not worried because I know that there is “no condemnation for those who are in Christ.” The other reason is that I am thankful that these things are revealed to help make me be conformed to His image.

Hello Life

In Joshua 7:26 Achan was buried under a large pile of rocks because he didn’t deal with his sin. Let’s not be buried by our sin, but continue to be over-comers through the power of the Holy Spirit as we walk in the light of His love and forgiveness. God is patient. We must be patient too while we work in His field and focus on the grace given to us and to others. When you discover something wrong in your life, don’t ignore it, deal with it in the light of His presence. The discovery and correction can become a place of new life, cleansing and growth in your relationship with Jesus.
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