Root, Substance, Fruit

I am as grounded as Heaven is. I am as rooted as grace can make me stand. I am filled as full as God can fill a man. Love can say, bring it on. I will take whatever comes, and by going to Calvary, I will show a resurrected God. So many people go away from the Book, and they never become the living epistle of the Author.

We are not here to discover happiness for ourselves, but to be renewed in the joy of God’s redemption to make others happy through ourselves. Christianity is laying down our life in the daily routines to reveal love through a cross by faith. It will give people God-in-action as our humanity makes an invisible God visible. In living Christianity, the roots are the Spirit, the fruit is love, and we are the substance to express this love. The most amazing thing about love is that we are not seated above or below Christ, but we are seated with Him in a co-laboring fellowship of love. If we had to deal with our sin then we would be seated below Him, but since He dealt with sin, making love the issue, we sit with Him.

If people graduated from their different trips, they would fall into the arms of love and rest in the hands of grace so that they could be the Body of Jesus’ Word in action. By virtue of what Christ has done, man is protected forever in the atoning Blood of that nature of love which has performed for man all God required man to do.

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